Viva La Gentil (pronounced as Vi-va La Jan-ti)⁠.

Viva La Gentil, meaning 'Long live the nice'. The combination of the Italian and french language has multiple meanings such as; 'Forever nice', 'Celebration of joy' and 'Gentle and caring'.⁠

Viva La Gentil is a family-owned cosmetics brand, and was founded on the values of transparency, quality and simplicity. We believe beauty can be better, and it is our aim to create a minimal makeup-range of versatile products that will simplify and enhance your beauty routine at an affordable price, whilst still adhering to our principles of quality and sustainability.

At Viva La Gentil, we steer away from short lived products, and instead will always aim to inspire with honest, thoughtful and multipurpose cosmetics that are timeless and life-long. By creating what we consider only essential products that are specific to an individual's preferences and desires, and only manufacturing products to demand, we can slowly begin to reduce over-consumption and mass production, and encourage ethical consumerism. Now more important than ever, we are increasingly aware of the environment and our surroundings, and will only ever create products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, produced and packaged. 



Taking the spirit of 'Viva La Gentil' we aim to represent the people. We want our consumers to feel good when they purchase Viva La Gentil. We inspire confidence by creating products that you can trust, enriching the emotion of feeling nice throughout make-up. One of our important values is to magnify the importance of choosing quality beauty objects over quantity and seeking what works for you. We are committed to provide the utmost quality and experience to everyone.⁠

What are our goals for the future?

We have an abundance of goals for the future, but our primary mission is to produce a minimal makeup range of products that simplify one’s routine, and make people feel good. For the future, we are aiming to make as many products as possible refillable. Not only is this cost effective for the customers, it is additionally beneficial for the environment if we can refill bottles, compacts, lipsticks and more, instead of having product packaging thrown away and potentially polluting the environment.


This is only the beginning for Viva La Gentil, and we are delighted to share with you our ideas and passions in the present, and for the future.

Simplifying and enhancing your beauty routine starts here.

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Team VG x