We believe in the power of great design.

An air of not only quality and sophistication, but of unexpected functionality. By stripping away the “non-essentials” of a design, to return it to a pure, simple state and discovering its endless versatility. ⁠To the naked eye it is a piece of art, as the full potential isn’t realised until grabbed and held for easy use. Clarity of thought, with a strong sense of direction and certainty.⁠



The creation of a longer-lasting box

⁠The quality of our boxes can not only be seen, it can also be felt whenever you touch it. The fine-quality paper used is certified in accordance with EU Ecolabel and is Cradle to Cradle certified. It comes from the Swedish west coast, a papermill that practises sustainable production everyday. Quality boxes means a longer-lasting, durable, which can withstand the rigours over the years.⁠ Take the time to assess the natural textural feel and look with an emphasis on more sustainable, ecological practices.⁠

We are meticulous about details we include. The natural delicate, thin Viva La Gentil tissue wrapping paper inside our boxes are made out of using paper pulp, the wet pulp is then rolled on a paper machine until the desired thickness is achieved. ⁠

Laying the foundation for an excellent first impression, it comes together with an option of a litte personal greeting card featuring the finest-natural textured paper, with your choice of words, and including an option to hide price on invoice. We believe in the importance of quality personalisation and presentation. ⁠


Creating with intention and carefulness

From our products to packaging, everything has been made to a minimum. We are very conscious of what we make and especially of our packaging. Our products are handcrafted, and the packaging is made and put together by hand. ⁠It provides a sensation of having something very personal in your hands, which adds a unique charm and character of our products and packaging.

The people we work with are local, known to us and have a very close relationship with since the beginning of our journey. More than ever, we seek to extend the lives of our durable products, an increasingly important factor in your purchase decision. It is a heartfelt journey and process for us, our manufacturers and suppliers. ⁠ ⁠

Greeted and sealed with our signature uncoated embellishment.⁠ The finishing pieces are added with a touch of hand, and the box is neatly tied with our finest quality signature brown ribbon, soon to be unravelled and felt by its finely ribbed texture. ⁠A quality assurance layer to ensure we uphold our integrity.⁠ ⁠We take pride to prepare, providing you the experience you deserve with our intricate touches and attention to details.

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