Viva La Gentil is a family-owned brand with an aim to create a minimal makeup-range of versatile products that will simplify and enhance your beauty routine. Our purpose is to ensure our products are simple yet effective, long-lasting, and made out of quality materials whilst adhering to our principles of affordability and sustainability. 

We believe quality makeup brushes are an essential tool in anyone’s beauty routine, and so this is where Viva La Gentil started. Over the past three and a half years, we have worked towards our range of 10 versatile brushes to ensure they were precisely what we envisioned them to be; minimalist yet effective makeup brushes that can simplify and enhance your beauty routine, allowing individuals around the world to choose and experiment with their brush/brushes of choice, to discover their favourite way to use them.


The story behind the brushes

Although makeup brushes can initially be costly, quality brushes are an investment, and are life-long if cared for correctly. In recent years, we have unconsciously bought novelty items, being sold the idea of the more the quantity, the greater the quality and justification of the price. There are currently thousands of makeup brushes on the market to choose from that, all claim to do different things. This has not only led to mass production and waste, it has also meant makeup brushes and what they do has become increasingly complicated. We aim to redress the balance through a thoughtful, minimal product range that’s designed to simplify people’s lives produced at the most minimal quantity, to avoid mass production.

There are many benefits to having a smaller collection of high-quality brushes, or a smaller makeup collection altogether which you can read about soon in our upcoming “Why less is more” article, however a few benefits of having a smaller collection of high-quality (and preferably sustainable) brushes includes less time is spent cleaning and caring for the brushes, your beauty routine is significantly simplified, you aren’t wasting so much and therefore are benefiting the planet, and for us personally it also makes using and experimenting with makeup a lot more enjoyable, than having excess brushes that you have to search through, and ultimately overcomplicating things.

We created a collection of 10 multi-purpose brushes that effortlessly blend fluid, cream and powder formulas, and have been made to cover all of your makeup needs from a fresh and natural face to more dramatic, glamorous looks.
In comparison to a sponge, we believe brushes perform better, last longer, and don’t need to be replaced as often, thus once again increasing waste and costing more in the long run. A lot of beauty sponges waste product through absorption, which we wanted to avoid, and are also considerably less hygienic than brushes, as microorganisms get absorbed by the sponge and come into contact with your skin.

Viva La Gentil brushes have been made with the highest quality materials and crafted using handmade synthetic bristles for precision application, minimal shedding, hygiene and to reduce the absorption/wastage of product. We are strictly against animal testing, and choose synthetic bristles over natural hairs because we would never endanger animal life for vanity purposes. In contrast to brushes that have natural bristles, synthetic bristles make the makeup brushes easier to maintain and more durable, for life-long essential tools. Although our brushes are minimalist and simplistic in their design, this does not mirror their capabilities.

The designing stage

One of the biggest factors considered when designing Viva La Gentil's makeup brushes was their ability to be versatile and multi-purpose. As a minimalist collection of only 10 brushes, we wanted to ensure that the brushes had more than only one purpose, and could be used in many ways to apply makeup to your preference, which can be discovered when experimenting with our brushes.

What makeup brush is used for what?

The full collection of brushes can cover all your makeup needs whether natural or full glam, as for any artist, having the right tools is fundamental. Brushes 4 to 10 are versatile for both the face and body. The brushes can be used in many ways, and some of our favourite ways to use the brushes on the body are for applying highlighter to the collar bones, for bronzing and sculpting to enhance a summer tan with glowing skin, concealing blemishes; the opportunities are endless.

The Large Dome Complexion Brush 10, is particularly suited for a seamless application to larger areas including the body, whereas the Flat Applicator Brush 7 applies product evenly and precisely, and is additionally adaptable for applying face masks and sun cream (just make sure to thoroughly wash the brushes afterwards before you use/apply makeup). It can also be used for lightly applying shimmers meticulously on the collar bones and shaping the face or body by applying the product precisely where you desire. Though, the Blender Brush 9 was made for an effortless blend for sheer to full coverage make-up without absorbing your products. It was designed with the balance of firmness and flexibility, to manoeuvre around the nose, inner and outer corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows, the jawline and forehead to provide you an even streak free blend.

The Tapered Brush 1, Detailed Blender Brush 2 and Shader Brush 3 can apply, blend and set any variation of product including liquids, creams and powders. With these three brushes, not only you can cover all your eye makeup needs, but you can also use these brushes to highlight your brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, and tear duct, contour the nose, apply and blend lipsticks, prime the eye with concealer and set with powder, smudge kohl liners using the Shader Brush 3, and more. You can also use the Precision Candle Brush 4 as an eyeshadow brush for a natural sweep of colour on the eyelids.

Once again, these brushes have been designed to be as versatile as possible, and one of great things about makeup is experimenting and seeing what works for you. Allowing free movement over which desired brush you choose, without feeling restricted to create and explore. We perfected every individual brush to be multi-purpose to let you hone your skills even if it’s one or ten brushes. Whether you’re a professional or beginner, we welcome you.

Our brushes can be purchased separately, suited to your preferences and desires, or as a full collection, curated to include all essentials to complete your look.

To discover more about Viva La Gentil, as well as how to care for your brushes, take a look at “Care guide for your brushes”.


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